Wednesday, 1 April 1992

The Life Began At Daisy Model School (Playing School)

The Time When I Didn’t Know About Things Like Destination Or Say What Is A Life, But Was Told To Me That School Is The Place To Go First And Rest Of The Things To Be Done Are Next.

Hi, Myself  Himanshu Goel Who Started His Life Through A Play School Named “Daisy Model School” And The Place Was Good.
I Wont Be Able To Tell You Much About This School As I Was Too Young (Age) That I Hardly Remember All The Things Took Place Over There With Me. But The Important Things Is That I Still Remember Few Things About That School Which I Will Be Sharing With You All. Also, I Recognized That The School Has Been Shifted To A Nearby Place And Has Been Developed A Lot Than Before.

Daisy Model School

The Above Shown Is The Latest Picture Of The School As I Was Unable To Get The Old One Where I Studied. When I Was At Daisy Model School We All Students Were Took To The Ground To Play As The School Premises Were Too Small For Kids To Play At That Time. We All Happy Kids As There Was Not Too Much Pressure At That Time When I Was In Daisy Model School. There I Had A 2 Years Time Spending Of My Life And After Passing Days There With Learning Few Basic Things, When I Grew Up I Was Transferred To “Lancer’s Convent School” With The Wishes Of My Parents. Rest You Will Be Knowing By Checking Lancer’s Convent.