Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Journey Continued With Reliable Computers – Himanshu Goel

After Using The Key To Success “Yes”, Himanshu Goel Reached To The New Side Of His Work Profile. So, This Time He Did Approached To The Next Level And As He Always Says That The Time Is Never Same Again,
He Was Called Again By Destiny Making Him Lucky By Taking Him Towards The It-Industry. After Joining The Company (Later Where He Prepared As A Computer Engineer), Called Reliable Computers – It Service Providers. Himanshu - Computer Engineer
 Himanshu - Computer Engineer
Now, You All Must Be Thinking About That Work – What Kind Of Work That Could Be, So, Opening The Surprise For You All Guys It Was A Job Of Working As A Computer Operator Who Just Has To Make Data Entries Whole Night Sitting On A Chair And That’s So In Chilling Winter Season Of The Month December-January – On A Linux Operating System Which He Never Heard Before Till Date… But, He Learned And Grabbed That Concept So Fast That Within A Month He Was Asked To Join Reliable Computers – It Service Providers & As A Computer Engineer & Suddenly Then, Again Without Any Hesitation The Answer Was “ Yes “…

“Keep Going Ahead & Don’t Turn Back What You Left”

- Only Followers Look Behind What They Left & ( Again Loses The Time While Turning Back )” 

By – Himanshu Goel