Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Reliable Resoursys/ Reliable Computers

“Like a Sight of light which turns into Bright sight but is hidden Somewhere Inside the Dark Walls of Our Heart”

Hi, Myself  Himanshu Goel who feels that it should be in your Knowledge till now that after Dividing from the Goyal Store to move forward in my life, I Started working with
Reliable Computers where I took into my knowledge and learned all about how to work on a Computer Machine. Here, I was prepared and trained as a Computer Engineer  & then onwards finally, I was prepared for Computer Hardware Solutions & Networking. This took a long way To My Future’s Growth & after that I was also taught about some Basics carried to Centralized knowledge of some of the Accounting Software’s like :- Tally, Accord (Developed by Mr. Salim Ahmed @ Reliable Computers & the Team EDP Soft), Midas-Gold (EDP Soft), Etc…  Later, so many of the other applications and features were taught here too and then on I was trained at here and then on. This place came up with so many of new ideas to my life which further became a reason of making me capable to move ahead in life… all this doesn’t ends here as after this I was taught about some of the features of Windows Operating System and those were the features that all what an Administrator knows and this was done with the help of Mr. Shivam Gupta @ Reliable Computers

Now, with all this Knowledge I started working as an IT-Professional and stayed to the Industry as well. After all the above mentioned Activities I also joined one of the Corporate Society named “C.I.P.L.” and continued with them the Journey being an IT-Professional along with the Computer’s Hardware & Software Solutions…