Monday, 2 July 2007

ICICI – Corporate

“Time Changes At Bad Times So Don’t Lose Hope As This Will Also End Sometime

As The Time Will Again Change & Will Provide You Once Again Good Time”

In between while working at Goyal Store, I had an working Experience at a Branch of ICICI – Corporate Cards,
where I worked for about 3 months when my days were going at the toughest times, also at that time I was left alone like a small birdie – who doesn’t know how to fly but has to learn own myself that how to fly so I could survive – and I did & must tell about that it was the best Experience at my worst times. Also, I believes that this might be one of the reasons about which our elders always talked about, as they must also had that worst experience which can lead you down & can somehow also leads to some good things which can only be achieved possibly by this way, but not easily at our Good times :-

So, that was a fun too and I really Enjoyed my work there and after that I was back to our Goyal Store… After that you can see that I Joined Reliable Computers – IT Professionals…