Saturday, 1 April 1995

Life Continued With Further Studies At Lancer’s Convent

Hi, Myself Himanshu Goel Who Started His Learning Life Through “ The Lancer’s Convent School ”, The Place Which Doesn’t Require Any Introduction, As The Name Itself Is A Legend For Creating Such Great Students…

Lancers Convent School - Himanshu Goel Studied at

“My Days Were Awesome When I Was Studying At The Lancer’s Convent School & The Teachers Of The School Were Always Been Great To Me, I Liked Everything About My School & Still Likes After Being Over With It… I Enjoyed There Too Much As I Participated In Extra-Curricular Activities & Programs Help In The School.

 “Don’t Follow Your Destiny, Let your Destiny follow You”

- Don’t act slow but be too fast & let other(s) to follow you up…

Himanshu Goel

 Other Than Studying And Being To School I Recognized Many Of The Trips We Had Through School To Learn And Have Fun. Oh! Man Those Days Were Amazing With Some Naughty Activities And Being Serious Sometimes Playing With Friends And Teachers. Everything Has To End Sometime/Someday With Some Changes, But, I Would Love To Share The Experience That I Had There, It Was Awesome & Memorable To Me And I Could Never Forget That Throughout My Life Span As It Was A Far Better Experience Than It Could Have Been As I Thought”  – Himanshu Goel

“Everybody Has Their Own Destination But To Reach There You Need A Start… In Life
– That Starts From School Life”